The DW SUP Fit Couch to Paddle 12-Week Program


The DW SUP Fitness Couch to Paddle 12-week Program

Looking to improve your fitness for SUP? Wanting to spend more time on the water Paddleboarding? 

Welcome to the DW SUP Fitness Couch to Paddle 12-week fitness program. Whether you are brand new to Standup paddleboarding, a recreational SUP boarder, or are now focused on longer more intense paddle boarding sessions, this program will work for you!

Over 12-weeks you will progress through a range of 20–30-minute bodyweight workouts, that can be performed at home. Focusing on lower body, core strength, stability, as well as muscular and aerobic endurance.

Main Benefits

–       Improved lower body strength

–       Increased core strength

–       Increased stability

–       Injury prevention

–       Muscular & aerobic endurance

Click the link below to purchase the full program and see yourself achieve even more benefits, such as:

Further Benefits

–       Aiding in weight loss

–       Improved metabolism

–       Increased muscle tone

–       Increased cardiovascular health

–       Improved exercise adherence

–       Better sleep

–       Increased energy & cognitive function.

Bonus Content

As a bonus, I will also impart on you the secret to lasting success with this program and beyond.

My goal is to help you enjoy more time on the water.

Let’s get started.

 Ryan Parry