Need to drink more H2O?

Need to drink more H2O?

Need to drink more H2O?

I think it’s fair to say that the majority of us know why we need to stay hydrated, and the benefits of doing so. A lot of health topics are discussed and promoted constantly by an array of people; be it your favourite insta influencer, TV presenters, or even from Trevor down the road. But how many of us can confidently say they drink enough water every day? My guess… not many.

Being completely honest here, I am a bit of a health, fitness and book nerd. I love to stay healthy and often read books that I feel will help develop all aspects of my life. In turn, my eyes have been drawn to the inner workings of successful individuals. I’m interested in the daily habits they employ, no matter what industry they work across. And one consistent theme among them all is health-related. Be it sleep, healthy diets, routine, or exercise. With this in mind, one habit I want to share tips on, is how to drink more water.


Yes, you heard me correctly. MAKE IT FUN! 

‘Ryan, you have lost it, how the bloody hell do you make plain old water, fun?!’ I hear you cry. Glad you asked that, no magic trick here, just add your favourite fruit!! Especially during the warm summer months. Trust me, it’s so refreshing to have a hint of your favourite fruit to entice you to drink more H2O; not to mention all the additional benefits (my personal favourite right now is strawberries)!


We’re not talking ‘queues’ 2m apart outside B&Q, though there’s no harm in using that as a cue to drink more water! Using environmental cues can help remind yourself to drink more. About to have dinner? drink a glass of water. About to have lunch? drink a glass of water. About to have a snack? drink a glass of water. About to have breakfast, great… you guessed it, drink coffee.. jokes (not jokes), water again, followed by coffee if you are anything like me and need caffeine to start the day, (then at least two more coffees before any form of human interaction.) 


Healthy actions, healthy life, right? WRONG. Heathy actions are important if they are maintained and turn into daily habits. Keeping track of maintaining this one habit can be soooo simple. What’s the goal? ‘Drink 8 glasses of water’.. cool, how many did you drink yesterday? ‘Ummmmmm, 10?’ We have an innate ability to lie to ourselves with how much we do/ don’t do. Keep a tally of how much you are drinking daily. This can be a simple tally chart with a pen and paper at your desk, or using notes/ numbers on your phone. Turn actions into daily habits and you’ll soon do it without realising. 


‘OMG I smashed 8 glasses of water last Saturday, check me out’.. Cool story bro, how many pints of H2O did you drink Sunday? Monday? And Tuesday? *Takes a minute to reflect.* ‘Ohhh.’

Everyone has a calendar, right? Good, hit your goal Saturday; big tick, hit it again Sunday; bigger tick… Or download a habit tracker app, my personal favourite is Productive.


‘Shit, it’s 7pm and I have 3 hours before bed to smash down 2L of water… I can do this!’ Fast forward to 2am.. *wakes up in a daze*.. why are my bed sheets wet?? I’m sure everyone reading this has the bladder control to wake up and make a dash to the toilet, to avoid such an embarrassing situation (I hope). But my point is this; if you drink your first glass of water upon waking, you’ll give yourself over ten hours to drink more, steadily throughout the day. Great news for your metabolism too, as several studies have found early morning water intake can improve it. Oh, and before I forget, START NOW.      


Hey, I get it, life is challenging, it has ups and downs, especially right now with COVID gripping the world. I know exactly how hard it can be to change any aspect of your life, especially the self-discipline it takes to maintain consistent healthy habits (and how easily they can be lost). So rewarding yourself is something that’s important. Did you hit your goal for the week and stay consistent? Congrats and respect!! Now reward yourself, and enjoy the moment. Next week, we go again. 

So there you have it, 6 tips on how to drink more water. Simple and easy, right?…

Ultimately, it’s about friction. And by this, I mean making the habit of drinking water as eassssyyy as possible. Day in, day out. Little tricks and cues are a great way to build the habit of being conscious of drinking more water day to day. The great thing, and the little secret to all these tricks and tips is, over time, they will morph into compound progress. You will move from a position of external self-manipulation, into internal unconscious automation. 

Secret Bonus….

Anyone see the bonus in the tips? If you did, give yourself a pat on the back. My guess is, if you did, you are probably on the path to self-mastery in numerous areas of your life already. Congrats and respect. If you didn’t, don’t worry. I’ll tell you the secret bonus…

You can apply these 6 tips to any part of your life to build and evolve healthy habits. And on the flip side, to help stop unhealthy habits. Want to exercise more? Great, make it fun, associate cues to build your healthy habits. The cue could be to lay out your running/workout kit next to your bed before you go to sleep. Then when you wake up and see it, you’ll associate it with a workout. Keep track (hello excel) stay consistent (hello habit tracker app), and most importantly, START NOW.

Want to read more? ‘YES!’ Then find books/ topics you enjoy, cue – keep a book beside your bed. Keep track: ‘I’ll read 10 pages per day’, and stay consistent. Most importantly, START NOW. 

Time and discipline can be your greatest assets and biggest enemies. Will you make them your ally?    

Stay Healthy & Stay Hydrated. 

Ryan Parry


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