Home workouts: The Covid marathon. Staying motivated.

Home workouts: The Covid marathon. Staying motivated.

Bear with me on this, we are going to uncover a very simple and very effective strategy to help you stay motivated throughout lockdown.  Let’s be honest, unless you have the work effort and drive like Michael Jordan, you, me and pretty much 99% of the population will struggle to stay motivated to exercise continuously throughout lockdown.

But first, we digress to another topic – social media. I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings towards it. On one side, its distinct ability to provide an endless array of mindless distraction! Hats off to the tech giants and wiz kids, that have made social media so addicting and time zapping. I remember reading recently, that Twitter was the media equivalent of cocaine. A fitting statement, and apologies to the writer – I can’t remember who made that remark to offer full credit.

Now for the love side. Social media is the best tool for information. Depending on the accounts you follow, you can have limitless supply of info at your figure tips in seconds, all promoted by beautiful content. Cue an endless supply of home work out routines by the, quite literally, millions of health & fitness models/ influencers and PTs. This is brilliant, and in my opinion, what social media is all about! Keeping people connected and providing value to help and inspire. And after having several friends and colleagues reach out to me for advice on how, when & what to train, I couldn’t steer away from the ease and relevance to DM across all the home workouts popping up in my feed.

With this, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has taken the time, to provide free and amazing content to help people to keep exercising during this incredibly difficult time.  

But, what about staying motivated? What about staying consistent?

Because, I am about to reveal to you the biggest secret in the fitness industry… To achieve the results you desire, all you have to do is stay motivated, be consistent and keep trying to progress.  Boring I know, the magic pill doest exist. Just consistent work, sorry. 

It’s all well and good having all the fancy workouts and equipment, but how do you stay motivated to keep working at in your home consistently? Because anyone else feel that getting motivated to workout in your lounge/ kitchen/ bedroom is harder than making jewel incrusted banana bread? Don’t get me wrong, rest and recovery are essential for both your body and mind. But having a ‘month off’ is a bit different to having a ‘day off’.   

To help stay motivated to exercise, day in day out. On days that you feel amazing and great. To days when you are struggling to hit the ‘skip intro’ button on Netflix. This question will be the key to continued motivation and consistency. The key to better habits. The key to more fulfilment and holistic wellbeing. 

And the so simple and so effective question, I hear you ask…..

‘How will I feel afterwards’ 

All you have to do is ask yourself 

‘How will I feel afterwards’ 

Feeling good, feeling motivated? Great ask yourself this question before a work out and BOOM. A double whammy of positive reinforcement to get you amped up. Feeling sluggish and tired? Ask your self this question. And I mean really ask yourself ‘How will I feel after my workout’ 

If you are used to exercising and know the buzz and endorphin (wonderful little buggers), release you get after a workout, I know for a fact your answer to this question will be ‘I will feel better’ ‘I will feel good’ ‘I will feel happier’ ‘I will feel accomplished’ ‘I will feel productive’

Don’t believe me? Try it.

For those of us that don’t have as much experience with exercising and aren’t as use to the post exercise endorphin rush, I’m not going to lie. It will be tough to start and you might not feel the power of this one question straight away. But all I can ask is that you give it a go. To give it a try. What’s that age old saying – ‘nothing great happens in your comfort zone.’

Don’t believe me? Try it.

This simple and powerful question doesn’t have to be limited to just exercise and increasing health habits. Trying to lose the lockdown weight, but have that little voice in your head reminding you of the home-made chocolate flapjack in the kitchen?  

Just ask yourself – “How will I feel after I eat it’ 

My guess (and experience), after that initial rush of delightful sugary goodness. The reality and guilt of letting yourself down. Of giving in to your short term urges, over long term goals. Of not staying true to yourself and true to your current goals.

About to grab your phone for a 2 hour insta scroll – “How will I feel afterwards”

Positive, fulfilled and satisfied? Or drained, guilty or comparison induced self-loathing?

Maintaining self discipline is by far the hardest thing to do and I am by no means perfect in this area. I have days when I’m not feeing great. I have days that I’m not feeling motivated to exercise, eat well, or even put the bloody washing in the tumble drier. I have days when I have one pint of Devon Red Cider and have that little voice starts saying, a few more won’t hurt. And yes, sometimes I give into those voices, urges and desires. 

But, now, after years of trial & error, failure & experience, this one question is helping me to stay motivated, stay consistent and keep trying to progress, 95% of the time. And I’m not sure about you, but I am happy with those odds right now.

Got a workout planed later? Just ask yourself – How will I feel afterwards?

Give it a try.. What’s the worst that could happen?

Stay Healthy & Stay Hydrated,

Ryan Parry 


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